Ekomilk milk analysis instruments
and monitoring software

Come and test our new products at Eurotier, Hannover, Germany from 14th till 18th of November:

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Ekomilk offers reliable, easy and cost-effective solutions for individual decision making, herd management and bulk milk tank milk testing besides general dairy analysis.

Please choose from the application page or from the product selection page. The models of the Ekomilk analyzers have been optimized for the following end-users: veterinarians and vet cabinets, dairy farms and cooperatives; milk payment, milk analysis and milk quality control laboratories; animal health specialists and udder hygiene specialists, milk collection trucks, milk processors, DHI (dairy herd improvement) associations and professionals. For every specific need, we optimise our offering with a customised instrument model.

Ekomilk milk analyzer instruments have been on the market for 20 years with now over 100 000 users in 56 countries. Ekomilk equipment measures the composition, the properties and quality of the milk: somatic cell count, fat content, protein content, total solids, density, added water, freezing point, lactose, pH, temperature, conductivity and antibiotics residues.

Factory-based calibrations are optimized per milk type, including cow (bovine), sheep (ovine), goat (caprine), buffalo and other dairy livestock, whether from bulk milk tanks or from individual samples. Specific on-demand calibrations for homogenized or pasteurized milk besides milk cream are available for certain instrument versions. Ekomilk accuracy and repeatability specifications have been proven in many international studies and comparisons involving renowned experts and universities. Ekomilk is a proud partner of the Cloud-based "Animal Monitoring Platform" for data collection and remote diagnosis.


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