About us

Ekomilk milk analyzers have been on the market for 18 years and have now over 100000 users, in more than 40 countries. Typical end-user organisations are milk collection points and milk collection trucks, milk processors (big and small), labs (big and small), vet (e.g. DVM) and vet cabinets, nutritionists, universities, dairy farms.

The specifications of Ekomilk instruments are guaranteed under the conditions mentioned (see specifications on brochure or manual about accuracy and repeatability and feel free to contact us).

Behind Ekomilk are family-owned companies with about 120 hard working colleagues, complemented with reliable local partners.
Please feel free to contact us for more details. We will route your request to our local partners.

We are not related in any way to any "Ecomilk" brand which is spelt with a C instead of a K in the "EKO" part of our trademark and brand, Ekomilk.

The "Eko" part in our name can stand for "Exzellent (Excellent), Kalibrierbare (Calibratable), Optimiert (Optimized)".