Automatic milking systems (AMS, VMS, robotic milking)

Ekomilk Horizon & AMP robot version : no more need for milk sample transport, real-time accurate on-farm analysis

Ekomilk-AMP and its partners are now launching (Q1 2018) a special version of its popular Ekomilk Horizon for automatic milking systems (AMS, milking robots).  The online AMP calibration, AMP notification and AMP maintenance modules which are always included with Ekomilk Horizon are also adapted and extended for this special version for milk robots. Orders can be placed already, the first new shipments will leave the factory from March 2018.

Automatic milking systems (AMS)

Automatic milking systems, abbreviated AMS, are systems whereby the cow decides when it wants to be milked and fed (feeding time). Milking can happen at any point in the day (or night). Other names are voluntary milking systems (VMS) or simply milk robots. After all, the robot automates several steps of the milking process such as cow identification (often via RFID), teat rinsing or cleansing and teat cup attachment. In that context, the term milking robot is probably more correct than milk robot.  The percentage of milking parlors equipped with automatic milking systems (AMS) is growing rapidly in various European countries. In Northern countries (like Scandinavia), milk robots or AMS will soon exceed 50% of market share (milking parlor).

With automatic milking systems (AMS), it is important to keep monitoring dairy livestock (milk cows) closely and regularly. While there exist "Shuttles" or "Sampler" for automatic sampling of each cow which is milked by the robot, such approach still requires cumbersome sample transport. The new Ekomilk-AMP system for automatic milking systems (VMS, AMS) does not require any Shuttle nor Sampler nor Sample Feeder: highly accurate milk analysis happens in real-time on the farm at approx. €0.03 per test.

Milk components and cow health parameters measured in real-time by Ekomilk - AMP for milking robots are:

  • SCC: somatic cell count
  • Optional:Fat and Protein content
  • Optional:Total solid content
  • Optional: Acidosis and ketosis indicators
  • Optional: lactose indicator

Other milk parameters are on request. The Ekomilk-AMP system allows for automatic import of cow IDs via RFID , via database import or via a template system.

For more information about the Ekomilk Horizon version for automatic milking systems (AMS or VMS), please contact us or click here: http://animalmonitoring.com/milking-robots-automatic-real-time-milk-quality-milk-composition-analysis-without-shuttle-0-04-per-test/

Consideration of milk robots

On the same link on http://animalmonitoring.com you will also find considerations why the term "voluntary milking systems" or VMS is also used and which advantages could be associated with such AMS or VMS systems. Cows have a quite hierarchical social behaviour; in conventionnal milking parlors (no milk robots) there is no free choice of milking times (intervals) but there is apparent choice of milking order. Cows often come in in the milking parlor in the same order, day after day. Similarly, for milk robots, certain cows might return to the milk robot at the same time every day, for instance at night. Such recurring pattern can indicate a social order.