Introduction to mastitis monitoring and somatic cell count

Introduction to udder hygiene and udder health, subclinical and clinical mastitis control, somatic cell count and milk quality:



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  Introduction to mastitis control with Ekomilk & AMP:          

Ekomilk Scan+ digital somatic cell counter and mastitis monitor Ekomilk Horizon automated digital somatic cell counter and milk analyzer for fats, proteins, solids with auto-sampler and Cloud-based software suite


The somatic cell counters Ekomilk Scan+ and Ekomilk Horizon, have been designed for fast and cost-effective udder health and milk quality control on dairy farms and in milk collection points at approx. $0.04/test.

Regular somatic cell count (SCC or leukocyte count, as performed by dairy herd improvement associations or DHI, DHIA) is a crucial element in the process of preventing, detecting and medically treating mastitis, the most common dairy disease.

With a a reliable somatic cell counter, udder inflammations (mastitis, IMI, often infections so intramammary infections) can be detected at an early stage, per animal and even per quarter. Such early detection allows to separate and examine animals with a high cell result, also for sub-clinical cases. It allows for taking actions timely and even reduce the number of clinical mastitis cases.


You can lower the chance of spreading the mastitis-causing pathogens (microbes, bacteria) to other animals in the herd and facilitate a quick recovery with less milk production losses. One of the immediate actions to take is to milk the cows with high cell counts last. The usual recommendations for the milking routine apply , probably in an even more stringent way: for instance use a disposable dry paper tissue for udder rinsing for each animal, use pre-dip and post-dip solutions or sprays etc.

For the mastitis monitoring aspect, you should perform a microbiological analysis (bacterial culture, PCR etc) on a number of samples with high somatic cell counts so you gain insight into the mastitis-causing pathogents and the treatments which might help. Please also refer to our Animal Monitoring Platform for assistance with the actions to take on your farm(s).


By implementing a serious mastitis management approach, the milk quality in the milk tank will improve, together with animal welfare and longevity. Finally you can expect a positive impact on farm sustainability and farm profits.

With Ekomilk Scan + and Ekomilk Horizon, the cost per SCC test is almost 0. You can measure whenever you want and as often as you want. This method is reliable and precise because it's a digital CMT (California Mastitis Test) as you can see in the Ekomilk product specifications.


  Specifications of Ekomilk systems for mastitis control, milk composition, acidosis and ketosis: