For cow (bovine), sheep (ovine), goat (caprine) and buffalo. Which milk parameters are important to you?


Chemical composition (properties) of milk: Fats, proteins, solid-non-fats, density, added water, freezing point, lactose, pH, temperature, conductivity:

somatic cell count and milk composition analysis at €0.03 per test. Highest accuracy with semi-automatic online calibration & unlimited full-range calibration channels. With optional acidosis & ketosis indicators and automatic sample feeder; barcode and RFID reader integration:

Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited & AMP

with integrated thermal printer & pH probe or integrated sample preparation unit (ultrasonic processor). Optional: automatic milk payment system and milk price sync:

Ekomilk Bond Standard and Ekomilk Bond Total*

with integrated thermal printer and integrated pH electrode:

Ekomilk Total

very compact, lightweight and portable milk analyzer:

Ekomilk Standard, Ekomilk M, Ekomilk Ultra, Ekomilk Ultra Pro



Somatic cell count, detecting and monitoring subclinical mastitis or udder infection:


 Ekomilk Horizon Essential: automatic digital somatic cell counter with auto-sampler, Cloud connection and mastitis monitoring suite
somatic cell count tester at $0.04/test in 2 accuracy versions, with optional automatic sample preparation station with mastitis management and cow health app.

Ekomilk Horizon & AMP

With special version for robotic milking (AMS, VMS and other milking robots)

Ekomilk Scan +: Digital somatic cell counter for milk, Cloud-connected
Digital somatic cell counter for milk at approx. 0.04$/test, reliable and accurate

Ekomilk Scan+

Now with the new Ekomilk Cloud Connector and the Quick Start guide