Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited & AMP

Milk parameters measured, default configuration:


Milk composition, somatic cells, acidosis and ketosis                          

Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited & AMP

Somatic cell count and milk composition analysis: butter fat, protein, total solids; acidosis and ketosis indication. With optional automatic sample feeder: analyse a sample rack or sample tray with one push on the button.

Reliable and accurate at $0.04/test: Guaranteed high correlation with official lab results  (such as DHIA, see conditions in user's manual) for fresh milk.

Check milk quality and udder health instantly on the farm in the milking parlor or stall, whenever you have a suspicious cow, sheep, buffalo, goat.

With integrated thermal printer and mastitis control management app, average 75 seconds per test including automated sample preparation and rinsing.

Robust, no glass parts and portable.

Integrated filter and automated digital temperature measurement.

The reagens can be used for more than 6 months (see conditions in user's manual)

Default calibration :

Raw cow milk, for milk of 24h average (mixture from several milkings in the bulk tank).

Full-range online calibration via AMP Cloud platform with space for an unlimited number of calibrations.

Defaults for bovine cow milk:

Somatic cells 40 000 - 16 000 000 cells/ml +/-12%

Fats 0,5% - 12% +/- 0,1%

Proteins 1% - 9% +/- 0,1%

Total Solids 2% - 15% +/- 0,2%


Mains voltage:

230VAC or 110VAC (choose at ordering)

Optional 12VDC via cable

Typical end-users:

milking robot, veterinarians (DVM) and vet cabinets, farms (milkproducers/cooperatives), milk analysis and milk quality laboratories, animal health and udder hygiene specialists, milk collection trucks, milk processors


Standard milk parameters, specifications:

Defaults for raw bovine cow milk of 24h average :

Somatic cells 40 000 - 16 000 000 cells/ml +/-12%

Fats 0,5% - 12% +/- 0,04%

Proteins 1% - 9% +/- 0,12%

Total Solids 2% - 15% +/- 0,16%

Full end-user calibration via AMP Cloud platform with space for an unlimited number of calibrations. Acidosis and ketosis, lactose, added water, conductivity, density and freezing point are optional.


Standard accessories included:

Private user account with default configuration on AMP, 1y support, internet browser access

User's manual (pdf)

Reagens for approx. 1300 tests

Plastic vials

Wifi (for secure and automatic AMP connection, wireless data transfer)

USB stick (memory stick)

Integrated milk filters

Cleaning solutions

Internal memory for over 1 million measurements


Optional accessories and features, on request at ordering time:

The automatic sample feeder: this accessory is a sampler which automatically verifies, prepares and supplies milk from the sample vial or sample cup into the Ekomilk milk analyzer.

Auto-sampler for Ekomilk Horizon automation and integration

Click here for an introductory video on the Ekomilk AMPI Sample Feeder (Youtube)



Added water (adulteration indication)

Freezing point, density

Individual acidosis and ketosis indicators

Integration of RFID and barcode readers via AMP

12VDC power supply cable

Ekomilk Cloud Connector: to automatically transfer Ekomilk-AMP measurement results to your server or database (via APIs, fees apply)

Mastitis Monitoring App (Animal Monitoring Platform, AMP)