Ekomilk Scan+

Milk parameters measured, default configuration:


Somatic cells (cell counter, leukocyte count, SCC)


For fully automated and very fast milk analysis with auto-sampler: please check Ekomilk Horizon


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Ekomilk Scan+

Digital somatic cell counter for milk at approx. 0.04$/test, reliable and accurate:

High correlation with official lab results for fresh milk (see int'l university studies with lab comparisons and conditions in user's manual);

Lightweight, compact and portable;

85 seconds average measurement time (depending on exact cellcount; 65 seconds possible)


Default calibration:

Raw cow milk, for milk obtained max. 12hours after milking

Measuring range from 90 000 cells/ml till 2 200 000 and extension till 8 200 000 cells/ml

User tool for digital (software) calibration (if different standard)

Mains voltage:

230VAC or 110VAC (choose at ordering)

12VDC via the cable

6 menu languages included

Typical end-users:

Veterinarians (vets , DVM) and vet cabinets, dairy farms (milkproducers/cooperatives), milk analysis and milk quality laboratories, animal health specialists and udder hygiene specialists, milk collection trucks, milk processors, DHI (dairy herd improvement) associations and professionals


Standard accessories included:

User's manual

Reagens for approx. 1300 tests

Plastic vials

High quality syringes

12VDC cable

Computer cable (USB); RS232 on request

Mechanical cleaning tools

Milk filters

Spare glass flask

Data collection, internal memory


Optional accessories and features, on request at ordering time:

Digital thermometer

Basic-calibration test ink


Other factory calibrations: sheep, goat, other

External thermal microprinter

Mastitis Monitoring Suite (herd and animal follow-up)
IT integration services