Ekomilk Standard, Ekomilk M, Ekomilk Ultra, Ekomilk Ultra Pro

Milk parameters measured, default configuration:


Fats, proteins, solid-non-fats, density, added water, freezing point. Optional parameters: lactose, pH and temperature, conductivity.               

 Ekomilk Standard, Ekomilk M, Ekomilk Ultra, Ekomilk Ultra Pro

Reliable and popular milk analyzer to determine the milk components (ingredients, parameters):

Lightweight, compact and portable

No reagens needed; automated cleaning cycle is included

30 to 180 seconds average measurement time (depending on your version)


Default calibration :

raw cow and goat milk

User menu for periodical digital calibration (fine-tuning)

Guaranteed accuracy according to specs for tankmilk (see user's manual for conditions)

Mains voltage:

230VAC or 110VAC (choose at ordering)

12VDC via the cable

Typical end-users:

milking parlors and stalls in dairy farms, dairy veterinarians and vet cabinets, dairy livestock nutritionists, animal health specialists, milk collection centers, milk transport (hauling) trucks, small and large laboratories, milk processors


Standard milk parameters, specifications:

Fats: 0,5% - 12% +/- 0,1%

SNF: 6% - 12% +/- 0,2%

Density: 1,0260g/cm³ - 1,0330g/cm³ +/- 0,0005g/cm³

Proteins: 2% - 6% +/- 0,2%

Freezing point: -1,000 - 0°C +/- 0,015°C

Added water: 0% - 60% +/- 5%


Standard accessories included:

User's manual

Plastic vials

12VDC cable

Computer cable (RS232); USB on request

Cleaning solutions


Optional accessories and features, on request at ordering time:

Internal memory for data collection

Milk parameter: lactose 0,5% - 7% +/- 0,2%

Milk parameter: pH and temperature 0,00 - 14pH +/- 0,02 and 0 - 50°C +/- 0,1°C

pH buffer (powder, for calibration)

Milk parameter: conductivity 2 - 20mS/cm +/- 1%mS/cm (18°C)

Conductivity buffer solution (for calibration)




Milk cream channel

Other factory calibrations: sheep, buffalo, other

With pH: TA conversion (SoxletHenkel, Dornic, lactic acid, Therner)

Data collection for PC and internal memory

External thermal microprinter

Data visualisation, analysis and exchange software
IT integration services