Ekomilk Total

Milk parameters measured, default configuration:


Fats, proteins, solid-non-fats, density, added water, freezing point,
lactose, pH and temperature, conductivity.               

Ekomilk Total

Reliable and popular milk analyzer to determine the milk components (ingredients, parameters):

Integrated thermal printer and integrated pH/temp electrode

No reagens needed; automated cleaning cycle is included

40 seconds average measurement time

Default calibration :

raw cow and goat milk

User menu for periodical digital calibration (fine-tuning)

Guaranteed accuracy according to specs for tankmilk (see user's manual for conditions)

Mains voltage:

230VAC or 110VAC (choose at ordering)

12VDC via the cable

Typical end-users:

labs, milk processors, milk collection points, universities, vets, animal health specialists, large farms


Standard milk parameters, specifications:

Fats 0,5% - 12% +/- 0,1%

SNF 6% - 12% +/- 0,2%

Density 1,0260g/cm³ - 1,0330g/cm³ +/- 0,0005g/cm³

Proteins 2% - 6% +/- 0,2%

Lactose 0,5% - 7% +/- 0,2%

Freezing point -1,000 - 0°C +/- 0,015°C

Added water 0% - 60% +/- 5%

pH and temperature 0,00 - 14pH +/- 0,02 and 0 - 50°C +/- 0,1°C

Conductivity 2 - 20mS/cm +/- 1%mS/cm (18°C)


Standard accessories included:

User's manual

Plastic vials

Conductivity buffer solution

pH buffer powder (calibration)

12VDC cable

Computer cable (RS232); USB on request

Cleaning solutions

Data collection for PC and internal memory



Optional accessories and features, on request at ordering time:

Milk cream channel

Other factory calibrations: sheep, buffalo, other

TA conversion (SoxletHenkel, Dornic, lactic acid, Therner)


Data visualisation, analysis and exchange software
IT integration services



Extra information: